Coverage Features

What it means and why it matters

  • Transport for repair at a Hinckley repair facility.  
    • In the event of a covered loss, we will pay for transport so your boat can be repaired at a Hinckley repair facility, provided the repairs exceed $20,000 and involve any of the following: 
      • Structural damage to the hull
      • Interior joiner work
      • Engine work
    • You can be assured that your cherished Hinckley will be repaired according to the excellent standards and quality that is commensurate with Hinckley. 
  • Topsides and striping.
    • We will refinish the entire topsides and striping of the hull in the event of a covered loss that required refinishing the hull.
    • Many carriers only pay for damaged areas that result in aesthetic inconsistencies.
  • Temporary substitute yacht 
    • In the event that you need to charter a yacht while yours is being repaired, you have $1,500 per day to do so (maximum of seven days or $10,500).
    • At the time of loss, potentially in the middle of the season, you do not want to be left without a yacht or tender. 
  • Permissive use
    • Coverage extends to allow your yacht to be used by Hinckley owners or prospective purchasers.
    • The activities are outside the scope of “private pleasure use” and typically are excluded from yacht policies. You are fully covered as long as use is authorized by you and/or Hinckley. 
  • Diminishing deductible
    • At renewal, your yacht hull deductible will be reduced by 10%, to a minimum deductible of 0.5%, if there have been no losses or claims.
    • As a reward for good seamanship, every claim-free renewal results in a reduction in your deductible-saving you money if a claim should occur. 
  • Pollution protection 
    • We offer full P&I limit coverage with no sub-limits for pollution and/or marine environmental damage.
    • Increased environmental scrutiny and tighter regulations have led to growing pollution liability exposure. This coverage may be excluded or limited by some carriers. 
  • Crew coverage
    • Your crew, as a Named Insured on the policy, is covered, including P&I coverage for crew claims under the Federal Jones Act or similar laws of other nations, We will provide, at no additional premium, coverage for one part time crew.
    • We offer the coverage you are obligated to provide. 
  • Newly acquired yachts
    • Automatic hull and P&I coverage for newly purchased tenders or yachts is valid for 30 days.
    • New acquisitions are protected immediately at the time of purchase.
  • Precautionary measures
    • A limit of $5,000 per occurrence is available without being subject to a deductible.
    • Move your yacht to a place of safety while under threat of a windstorm, tidal surge or wave, or fire at your berth, mooring or place of storage.

Application Documents

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